1) Main Building2) Tsuboniwa3) River Step4) Lawn Area
5) Memorial Stone6) Moss7) Stepping Stones8) 3-tier Waterfall9) Western-style House

Garden Sights at Murin-an


1) Main Building

Enjoy a wide scenic view. The lawn (representing hills) harmonizes with the Higashiyama Mountains



2) Tsuboniwa

Welcoming at the entrance is a graceful square tsuboniwa garden.


3) River Step

Flowing river creates a tranquil sound of water, music for the soul.


4) Lawn Area

The lawn area emphasizes the natural scenic countryside meadow with native wildflowers.


5) Memorial Stone

Memorial stone etched with words of Mr. Yamagata that reveals his aesthetic sense of beauty.


6) Moss

Originally a lawn area when the garden was created, that is now naturally covered in about 50 kinds of moss.


7) Stepping Stones

Stepping stones (tobi ishi) over the river are low and the flow of the water makes the heart dance.


8) 3-tier Waterfall

The 3-tier waterfall represents the grandeur view of water running from the Higashiyama Mts.



9) Western-style House

Exhibited panels explains how the garden follows Mr. Yamagata’s aesthetic sense of beauty.



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