Wildflowers at Murin-an

The owner of this garden and villa, Aritomo Yamagata was truly fascinated and admired the natural beauty of blooming wildflowers in his garden. He wrote “amidst the lush span of greenery, the enjoyment of blooming flowers, though I doth not know thy name.” At Murin-an, we respect and keep his sense of beauty by researching, cherishing, and caring for these native wildflowers. As of April 2016, there are about 50 kinds of native wildflowers identified at Murin-an.

Matsubaunran (Nuttallanthus canadensis)

Blue toadflax: Slender and delicate form with light purple flowers. When they are in full bloom over the lawn area, it is a wonderful scenery, giving an impression of looking over light purple clouds in the heavens.

Best bloom time: late April ~ early May

Hinagikyo (Wahlenbergia marginata)

Ivy-leaved bellflower: Slender standing with blue hue colored flowers that delicately sway in the breeze. The name comes from the flower’s similarity to the bellflower. The flowers are closed in the morning, and as the sun rises the flowers open.

Best bloom time: May ~ October

Himesumire (Viola inconspicua Blume subsp. nagasakiensis)

Hime violet: Since the ancient era of Japan, violets have been enjoyed as a symbol of spring. They are shorter and grow closer to the ground than the common violet. Flowers are deep purple in color. This wildflower is small but has a strong presence.

Best bloom time: February ~ May