Savour the flavour of Green Tea inside the garden  

At Murin-an Garden, just south of Nanzen-ji Temple area, you can enjoy a quite moment of rest and reflection, refresh with a cup of flush green tea while listening to the soothing sound of the small garden stream.

①  Enjoy a cup of green tea…

…on the first floor of the main Japanese 
building while taking in the wonderful garden
scenery that naturally blends with the scenic
Higashiyama Mountains.



・600Yen (Green Tea tickets available at
the reception)





② Welcome the Tea House… 

a. Japanese Tea Ceremony

Enjoy a  full length tea ceremony inside the tea house
of the garden, a rare architecture featuring a small
balcony to view the garden.
All steps and manners will be explained, it will be
a unique environment to experience the Japanese
way of appreciating tea.  

・Tuesdays, 60 min (9:15/10:15/11:15)

・Reservation required in August only

・max. 4 people

・5,000Yen /in English


b. Tea ceremony by a garden apprentice:

Join a ceremony guided by a graduate of 
the ‘Urasenke school of tea ceremony’, who is 
also an apprentice at Ueyakato Landscape. 
It will be a rare chance to enjoy tea with an
instructor trained in tea, aspiring 
to become a garden master. Each time will 
be devoted to one symbol of the garden. 

August, 5th 2017        (11:00-12:00) “Stream”
October, 7th 2017      (11:00-12:00) “Higashiyama”
December, 2nd 2017 (11:00-12:00) “Pine”
February, 3rd 2018   (11:00-12:00) “Moss”
April, 7th 2018           (11:00-12:00) “Wildflowers”
June, 2nd 2018          (11:00-12:00) “Rain”

・3000Yen/incl. English translation







Enjoy a unique tour of the Garden 

①Guided Tour by… a Garden Concierge

Enjoy an in-depth tour of the garden’s scenic points,
history, and more by a trained garden concierge. 
Your view of the garden will change, as you learn
the meaning and depth of all its elements. 



・60 min, reservation required

・20,000Yen /in English



②Special Tour by… a Garden Craftsman

This is a rare if not the only chance in Kyoto to be guided by the
master of a garden, the artisan who sees the ever changing
shape of the garden. Enjoy a special guided tour by one of our
garden craftsmen, sharing with you the garden’s richness and
how it is taken care of. 



・120 min, reservation required

・50,000Yen /incl. English translation






③Free Tour by… Murin-an Staff

Our staff offer 10 min garden tours free of
charge, both in English and Japanese.
Just request at the reception when you
buy your entrance ticket.  
















Contact & Inquiry

MURIN-AN Administrative Office
31 Nanzenji Kusakawa-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8437
TEL & FAX: +81-75-771-3909(from abroad)
TEL & FAX: 075-771-3909 (within Japan)