Characters of Murin-an

Examples of the kanji for Murin-an

Examples of the kanji for Murin-an
「無」(mu), 「隣」(rin), and 「庵」(an)

The Japanese written name for Murin-an is in kanji, Chinese characters. Today, Japanese use the modern common kanji in accordance to a daily-use and common kanji list. However, in the past one kanji had other variations or ways of writing it.


(1)  「無鄰菴」: The kanji (Chinese characters) inscribed on a tablet on the Main Building. Currently, the kanji that Kyoto City uses.

(2)  「無鄰庵」: The kanji used on June 9, 1951 when Murin-an was designated as a National Place of Scenic Beauty.

(3)  「無隣庵」: The name written in Japanese common kanji, which can be found in old newspapers.

Hence, these three ways of writing Murin-an in kanji are all correct in their own accord. Our company uses the same kanji as what is seen on Kyoto City’s website. (1)「無鄰菴」


More information about how Murin-an was written will be coming soon.